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Boutique Insurance Agency

Premier Insurance Agency continues a tradition of fulfilled promises. The promise of protection that you make for your family is our motivation to carry on with objectives grounded on client-support, quality-focus and solutions-based insurance coverage. We even provide policy management support online as well as in-person.

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Umbrella Insurance

In reality, risks are not limited.  So why should your insurance coverage be limited? With Umbrella Insurance, it doesn't have to stay limited. 

Have more options and gain better coverage.  Umbrella insurance is like a sword - so sharp, it can cut through most materials.  In real life, your risks can come from lawsuits, property damage, injuries, slander, libel, force majeure, false arrest and even in worst cases, imprisonment.  These liabilities and incidents are precisely what umbrella insurance can cover. 

Not everyone is lucky, but everyone can be prepared.  Be well-equipped with Umbrella Insurance.

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