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Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds involve three parties:

  • First Party - Principal, the person or organization who is secured against failure of compliance to obligations

  • Second Party - Obligee, the person or organization who is due money and/or labor by the principal

  • Third Party - Surety, the person or organization who acts in place of the principal upon default of obligation to the obligee.

Overall, surety bonds are a way to secure business transactions from defaults.  Even when guarantees are placed, we cannot deny the miniscule bit of possibility that the said obligations will not be fulfilled.  Businesses need to protect their investments and ensure that normal operations will still pursue.  With surety bonds, the insurance company that you have coverage with will ensure your company from possible legal recourses.

Surely bonds can come in the forms of contract bonds, bail bonds, court bonds, and license bonds.  Send a request for a quote today!