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Premier Insurance Agency continues a tradition of fulfilled promises. The promise of protection that you make for your family is our motivation to carry on with objectives grounded on client-support, quality-focus and solutions-based insurance coverage. We even provide policy management support online as well as in-person.

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Flood Insurance

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Every year floods cause devastation.  They also cause considerable far reaching expenses.  After all you may have mold damage, need drywall and electrical repairs and a place to stay while your home is being fixed. This puts homeowners insurance policy holders in a difficult position since flood damage is not included in the homeowners or condo owners traditional coverage.  To be safe, you should consider enrolling separately into a Flood Insurance policy.

At Premier Insurance Agency, we offer two types of flood insurance coverage: Building Property (the bricks and mortar) and Personal Property your personal belongings including your furniture, appliances, clothing, and other items of value to you that can be damaged by sitting in water from rain or sewage/pipe breakage.

The Standard Flood Insurance covers for physical damage to property and almost anyone can secure this type of insurance.  While a common notion exists that you only need flood insurance if you live in a "Moderate - High Risk flood zone".  This idea simply is not true. Those who live in a flood zone cannot purchase flood insurance, this is not entirely true.  There is a National Flood Insurance Program offered in almost twenty thousand US communities.  If your town participates in this program, you can purchase flood insurance through our agency that has access to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Keep in mind there is a 30 day waiting period before the government enacts your flood policy if you currently do not have flood insurance. Our agency can help you access or purchase this policy, too.

If you live in a flood zone, flood insurance can be especially useful when you decide to secure mortgage for your home.  Mortgage lenders oblige potential creditors to enroll into flood insurance before your loan is approved.

For those who are not in "high risk" flood zones, Flood Insurance premium rates are relatively LESS affordable.  To ask for guidance or to express interest in purchasing flood insurance, please contact us.